When preparing for the CSW, I was a little bit stressed out about it. I had work to do in my other classes, and I had to start over because my project had got wet and it was ruined so I had to go and buy all new supplies to finish it on time. Other than that minor set back I was prepared for it after I got the project done and was just ready to get it over with. Something I would do differently would be, take more time out to figure out how I was going to create my research paper into a visual, and overall try to prepare myself better and no rushing just taking my time to make sure its neat and organized. Even though it was neat and organized I think I could’ve made it better. When I got to the CSW and set up nobody came and talked to me about my visual only maybe only one or two, I did get compliments by people that walked passed the table but very few interactions. I did see some really great projects when I walked around the event. Some suggestions I would have for future students will be make sure that you are prepared for the CSW, take your time and create something nice, don’t rush the process.


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