When thinking about how I was going to turn my research paper into a visual, I struggled with coming up with something that would stand out and grab everyone attention. I started to look up ideas about how people got their point across without writing a research paper, I seen this cool idea and I wanted to try and see if I would be able to accomplish it. During the brainstorming in class I created my own version of it but I wanted it to become a life size one when I couldn’t find the materials cheap enough I went a different route. Creating the research paper into a visual I think gave everyone a chance to experience their creative side and actually have a little fun with doing the project. My audience for this project transforming it to a visual would be the students at EMU and others who attend the celebration of student writing. I believe that the most important part that I am trying to get across is more awareness making sure that people understand that police brutality does happen and not just something the media makes up.  With creating my visual project I decided to not use any pictures off of the internet and create everything on my own.


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