When preparing for the CSW, I was a little bit stressed out about it. I had work to do in my other classes, and I had to start over because my project had got wet and it was ruined so I had to go and buy all new supplies to finish it on time. Other than that minor set back I was prepared for it after I got the project done and was just ready to get it over with. Something I would do differently would be, take more time out to figure out how I was going to create my research paper into a visual, and overall try to prepare myself better and no rushing just taking my time to make sure its neat and organized. Even though it was neat and organized I think I could’ve made it better. When I got to the CSW and set up nobody came and talked to me about my visual only maybe only one or two, I did get compliments by people that walked passed the table but very few interactions. I did see some really great projects when I walked around the event. Some suggestions I would have for future students will be make sure that you are prepared for the CSW, take your time and create something nice, don’t rush the process.



When thinking about how I was going to turn my research paper into a visual, I struggled with coming up with something that would stand out and grab everyone attention. I started to look up ideas about how people got their point across without writing a research paper, I seen this cool idea and I wanted to try and see if I would be able to accomplish it. During the brainstorming in class I created my own version of it but I wanted it to become a life size one when I couldn’t find the materials cheap enough I went a different route. Creating the research paper into a visual I think gave everyone a chance to experience their creative side and actually have a little fun with doing the project. My audience for this project transforming it to a visual would be the students at EMU and others who attend the celebration of student writing. I believe that the most important part that I am trying to get across is more awareness making sure that people understand that police brutality does happen and not just something the media makes up. ¬†With creating my visual project I decided to not use any pictures off of the internet and create everything on my own.