Police brutality is something that is happening all over the world, trying to understand the different causes and why police brutality and racial profiling isn’t justified against young black males.



Something that I’ve found interesting will doing my primary research is some of the different responses I had gotten back. One stood out to me that they believe that police brutality doesn’t exist, which isn’t surprising to me because its always people like in the world that are to blind to see it. something else is that people will believe that it is the person how is affected by police brutality that it is their fault if they didn’t look or talk a certain way then they wouldn’t get racial profiled.


My strategy to revise my draft would be to be able to find more sources that also support my thesis, and be able to tell exactly why they relate to my thesis and theme. I need to try to make my paper a little stronger with how the quotes relate, and why are they important for my paper. Working on re-reading over my paper and making sure that it flows together and if there is something I need to add then do so. Also to make sure that I don’t forget to include my survey questions.