• How old are you?
  • What state/city you are from?
  • Do you have any family members that are cops?
  • when do you think cops should be able to use deadly force?
  • How do you feel when you are getting pulled over by a police officer being a black male?
  • Have you ever been racially profiled by a police officers? If so when? What was the situation?
  • Why do you feel as if police brutality a problem in the America?
  • Should police officers be allowed to wear body cams when on duty? Why?
  • Being a young black male have your parents ever gave you the “talk” about what you should do if you were pulled over? If so what was it?
  • Why do you believe that black males are a big target with police brutality?


The primary research that I believe I am going to do is a survey. A survey would be better just because I will be able to get a lot of different types of people opinion on what they believe is happening with police brutality. By doing a survey I think I will be able to get better opinions about my thesis statement. I am also thinking doing an interview with young black males that are the one who get racial profiled more than any other races. To see how they feel about what is happening, and when they do get pulled over how does it make them feel. A interview would be something else that is best for my topic because I know a lot of young black males that feels a certain way about police brutality against their own race. My subjects would be for the surveys people online Facebook, twitter mostly Facebook because that social media site has more of a diverse group of people. My male friends and family members would be somebody I plan on doing the survey  on.


For my research paper my topic will be researching  “Does race encourage police brutality.” At first I wasn’t sure what my research topic was going to be, then I talked with Ms. Kovick and she helped me with finding a topic. My major is criminal justice so it only made sense to do something that can relate to the field that I will like to go into. There has been a lot of controversy with police brutality, many different articles speeches, riots, and many more with the things that has been happening with blacks and police officers. There are many different feelings when it comes to police brutality.  Race and police brutality is a controversial topic; some might think that race has nothing to do with it but it does, more blacks are affected by police brutality. Police brutality has been really big over these past couple of years, even though police brutality is something that has been going over for many years. When picking a topic I never thought about doing something that has to do with my major. I will research the different police acts of violence that I heard about, but I never thought that I will be doing a research paper on police brutality. This research topic matters because most people are asking why these things are happening, and what are blacks doing to deserve the things that are happening to them. Police brutality effects a society as a whole not just people and their family members. Police brutality is a major topic that everybody cares about and want to see a change in the society.  


My experience while finding the five different sources was a challenge for me, just because I couldn’t remember the steps on how to find the sources using databases. I went to the library right after my last class and I left the papers in my dorm that had the steps on how to find the sources, I struggled for about 30 minutes. I seen the thing on the side that said “chat with a librarian” so I chatted with a librarian to help me find my sources or how to get to finding the sources I needed. He was very helpful he sent me steps on how to find the sources, the different links, he asked what my topic was and it was really nice because I had found so many sources that I was able to use. Most of the articles I found had everything I need the full text, the citations, and also the abstract included.


My strategy for writing my paper was all over I wasn’t sure how to write it or even what I was going to be talking about. I had thought I found a topic that I was able to write about, but I guess it was a great topic, it took me sometime to finally find a topic that I was somewhat interested in. after talking with my professor she helped me better understand that I should pick a topic that has something to do with my major. After almost a week I finally found a topic that I would be able to write about. I probably started two days before the proposal was due. I only changed my topic once as of now I think I am good with the topic I have chosen. I developed my thesis by researching different questions to see which one I liked better. I also gotten some help from my professor with what should my thesis statement be.  My biggest challenge with writing the proposal would have to be actually writing it because I would just put it off and say “I’ll do it later.” The revising part was more easily because you just had to fix a couple of things.