My research topic is, does race encourage police brutality.  At first I wasn’t sure what my research topic was going to be, then I talked with Ms. Kovick and she helped me with finding a topic. My major is criminal justice so it only made sense to do something that can relate to the field that I will like to go into. It has been a lot of controversy with police brutality, many different articles speeches, riots, and many more with the things that has been happening with blacks and police officers. There are many different feelings when it comes to police brutality. Kairos is showing within my research topic, because it is still happening even today how people and their families are still effected by it. Pathos is shown because police brutality against blacks have a big impact on people and how they fear to even call police officers. Ethos is shown, with my topic being about race and police brutality which makes it creditable because of the different sources I have found about my topic articles and more.


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