Peer review doesn’t bother me as much as it might bother other students. Peer review is somewhat helpful if the person who is reading my paper takes their time to actually read through the paper and give good feedback. my concern that they will say it sounds good, and when I know it doesn’t or don’t leave feedback or correct something that needs to be. problems I have had in the past were mostly in high school, because nobody will really read them or take it serious with giving feedback. The benefits of doing peer review will have to be working with someone who actually wants to help you with receiving a better grade. I will like to see someone help me with whatever is wrong with my paper being able to give nice corrections and good feedback.



My research topic is, does race encourage police brutality.  At first I wasn’t sure what my research topic was going to be, then I talked with Ms. Kovick and she helped me with finding a topic. My major is criminal justice so it only made sense to do something that can relate to the field that I will like to go into. It has been a lot of controversy with police brutality, many different articles speeches, riots, and many more with the things that has been happening with blacks and police officers. There are many different feelings when it comes to police brutality. Kairos is showing within my research topic, because it is still happening even today how people and their families are still effected by it. Pathos is shown because police brutality against blacks have a big impact on people and how they fear to even call police officers. Ethos is shown, with my topic being about race and police brutality which makes it creditable because of the different sources I have found about my topic articles and more.

January 19, 2017

Rhetoric is useful, because it helps you understand who your audience is being able to keep your audience engaged with whatever you are writing  about. Thinking about rhetoric there are some terms that you should become familiar with, it will be able to help you write your papers. Pathos, ethos, logos and kairos are the term to help you better understand them. If your writing a paper about an advertisement you will be able to get a better understanding of the terms, because ads show all of the terms. Pathos has to deal with different emotional appeal in writing or speaking. Logos is appealing to logic and reasoning. Ethos is the credibility of the writer of the speaker on whatever subject is being talked about. Kairos is something that most people struggle with kairos means timeliness, when people think about timeliness they mostly are thinking about the due date or what day the article was written.